HR Outsourcing
With over a decade of experience in outsourcing behind us, and a team of industry specialist, we assist organisations in handling diverse human resource functions in an exceptional manner so that they can concentrate their resources on their core business activities. We take out time to understand the culture, goals and objectives of our clients, and design company specific solutions to ensure that the efficiency of our client is improved, the overall running cost is reduced, time is saved, capacity is built, and new frontiers and milestones are attained and achieved respectively.

Our recruitment process reveals our ability to understand job descriptions and identify talents and character that fit ideally. We ease our clients of the rigours associated with both small and massive hiring and help them decrease hiring time drastically. Every organisation is as good as its workforce. Therefore, we ensure intensive assessment and make recommendations while paying attention to client goals and objectives. We ensure adequate employee to job mapping and prevent under hiring and over hiring.

People Development

The quality of any organisation is a function of the quality of the organisation’s personnel. We constantly research and come up with world class programmes that are capable of developing and improving the behaviour, skills and knowledge base of individuals and organisations. These programs also helps them to adapt to a changing business environment and keeps them up-to-date with industry best practises. Our programmes are facilitated by experienced and competent industry specialists, and the results have always been a phenomenal improvement in the performance of our clients.
We offer a wide range of programmes in Leadership, Management, Finance and Human Resource, and organise both on-site training and off-site training in the form of seminars and retreats.

Employee Retention

We consolidate our intensive recruitment effort with an ability to retain employees. Most organisations lose the best of their employees on a regular basis due to an ineffective employee retention plan. We monitor employee engagement, performance and climate index and ensure that well performing employees are recognised and rewarded for their hard work. We commit ourselves to the career goals of our employees by providing adequate coaching, mentoring and training opportunities that ensure constant improvement. We also identify lapses that are as a result of oversight that could lead to the loss of the best employees to competitors.
As organisations grow and develop, it is expedient that the work force does the same too. We believe that it is the growth and development of the work force that enables organisations reach their goals and objectives.

Performance Management

We help individuals and organisations design effective performance management systems which helps to create an ideal work environment where people can perform up to the best of their abilities. Our performance management system captures the processes of setting work objectives, assessing progress and providing coaching and feed back to ensure that the employees are not just meeting their objectives and career goals but also see every interaction they have as

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an opportunity to learn.

We have been trusted advisors to the world’s biggest companies, and we continue to grow with the help of more than 1,000 people in our global network

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