About Us

Our Vision

To be the number one human resource management and outsourcing firm in Africa with a relevance that would transcend generations.

Our Mission

We will support our clients to discover and harness innovative ideas that will propel them to the top of their businesses and make them a global phenomenon


  • Develop HR strategy to align with key business strategy
  • Great HR teams multiply the effectiveness of your most valuable resources- people.
  • Getting Value on great recruitment and onboarding program
  • Best business climate and Engagement. Value from robust mentoring and coaching program
  • Compensation benchmarking and align with available business compensation policy
  • Easy to use and measurable HR policy framework
  • Competency mapping and management
  • Profit and cost per employee
  • Outsourcing with focus on small scale business, banks, hospitality and manufacturing firms
  • Ensuring right people mix in the business for results
  • Use available policy to ensure outsourced employees job go through standard entry, retention and exit.

Our History

Moorre ultimate Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 2007. It started operations on a small scale in 2010.
Moorre is a unique organization. Staffed by industry specialists, with current focus in people support for SME, Banking, Manufacturing. Human Resources is essential to corporate governance. Great HR teams multiply the effectiveness of your most valuable resources- people.

Moorre Ultimate Nigeria Limited is a fast budding human resources consulting and outsourcing firm with headquarters in the largest city in West Africa, Ibadan-Nigeria. Our staff have a reputation for being the best specialists in the industry with an unusual ability to identify and proffer solutions to challenges and problems. Since our inception in 2007, we have continued to enjoy client patronage that cuts across various sectors of the economy and different nations of the continent of Africa. Our clients include individuals, organisations and governments at all levels.

We are a unique firm with an objective of providing support to grow Businesses such as SME’s, Banking and Manufacturing Industries etc. through creative strategy, essential team development and adequate mentoring. We encourage client participation in our activities and give room for innovative ideas. We are committed to the success of our clients all through, and watch out for areas where we can still be of help. Our overall goal is to improve businesses across Africa. This is possible, one client at a time.
Our results continue to speak for themselves and our deliverables are always on time and within budget.

Our Values

Ever since we began operation, we have continued to maintain those qualities that makes people that work for and with us remain loyal and obsessed with us over the years.

We are in business because of our clients. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves towards serving the interests of our clients whether individuals or organisations. We see their success as our success and their failures as our failures.
We are extremely careful in not just saying what we mean, but we also make sure we mean whatever we say. We are aware of our capabilities and deploy them to the best of our abilities. We ensure that the information of our clients are handled with topmost confidentiality.
We have a knack for perfection, and we would always go the extra mile in serving our clients in order for us to beat their expectation. We do not want to stand out alone, but to stand out with a striking difference. This makes us outstanding.
We believe in mutual respect for individuals and organisations we work with. We hold their beliefs, values and cultures in high regard. Irrespective of position, we would always give consideration while pursuing honesty and truthfulness in all our endeavours.

We hold the ability to bring forth rare and unusual solutions to gain client satisfaction with high esteem. We would always devote ourselves to continuous development and enhance our abilities to bring forth novel solutions.
We have a lifelong commitment towards building a global brand that gives value to our clients. We remain dedicated towards creating the kind of value that enlightens individuals and open them up to opportunities within and outside their businesses. Our value creation will continue to keep our clients as leaders and pioneers in their fields.
We always work towards having an environment of people from different fields, ethnicity, tribes and background because of the diversity they bring to different subjects. This goes a long way in creating an environment where unusual ideas are not only birthed but executed. This enhances our ability to be innovative and pioneering. We believe that this is primary to our success.

Our Clients

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