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Ever since we began operation, we have continued to maintain those qualities that makes people that work for and with us, remain committed with consistent engagement over the years.

Human Resources Consulting & Outsourcing

Moorre Ultimate Nigeria Limited

Moorre Ultimate Nigeria Limited is a fast budding human resources consulting and outsourcing firm with headquarters in the largest city in West Africa, Ibadan-Nigeria. Our staff have a reputation for being the best specialists in the industry with an unusual ability to identify and proffer solutions to challenges and problems.

Great And Articulate Core Values

Professional Consulting

We operate with the highest of ethical standards to deliver excellence in all our consulting services.

Valuable Ideas

We have created a diverse environment that fosters the birth of innovative ideas that add value to our clients and catapult them to the top of their competition

Excellent Timing

We pursue speed and accuracy to ensure projects are finished in the shortest time possible without compromising industry standards and practices.

Budget Friendliness

We ensure that our services are not just delivered on time but within the least possible budget.

To be the number one human resource management and outsourcing firm in Africa with a relevance that would transcend generations.

We will support our clients to discover and harness innovative ideas that will propel them to the top of their businesses and make them a global

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  • Develop HR strategy to align with key business strategy
  • Great HR teams multiply the effectiveness of your most valuable resources- people.
  • Getting Value on great recruitment and onboarding program
  • Best business climate and Engagement. Value from robust mentoring and coaching program

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